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Bulletville Concepts

These are some of the concepts I've done for Bulletville, an indie project in development, follow the game at

Kyle lindsey derbywolf

Roller Derby Wolfgirl

Kyle lindsey cupcake


Kyle lindsey red


Kyle lindsey death alternate


Kyle lindsey tontochaos

Tonto and Chaos

Kyle lindsey 1thru11

kamikaze, alien priest, piggo, district punk, wolfy survivalist, dancer, cyborg ninja, regal technican, cowboy, trix, trax

Kyle lindsey 12thru21

angel, foxy, gungrave, macbeth, supreme judge, military police, geartooth, merchant boar, shade, sky sheriff

Kyle lindsey wasteland girls

wasteland faction girls

Kyle lindsey wasteland males

wasteland faction guys

Kyle lindsey district girls

district faction girls

Kyle lindsey district males

district faction guys

Kyle lindsey sky girls

sky faction girls

Kyle lindsey sky males

sky faction guys